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It is with great sadness that we deeply regret to inform you all of the death of Mr Jim Grave on Saturday 14th/Sunday 15th January 2017. Details for Mr Grave’s funeral. The memorial service will start at 11.30am on Wednesday 1st February at Walton Methodist Church, Terrace road,
Walton-on-Thames, KT12 2SR. Mrs Grave said that you all are extremely welcome to this service. There is no parking at the church. There is a small one on the left behind a charity shop in Manor Road, off Terrace Road, just before the church. Another via Hepworth Way or Bridge street and Sainsbury’s big multistorey. Mr Sayer advises us to use the car park at Sainsbury’s. Mark Flower will try to arrange for an interpreter to interpret the service at above church. There will be cremation earlier at difference venue but it is for family and friends only. For the flowers, it will…

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Videos: 20, 21 Runner Beans 1984 Schleswig

December 2016 Bit Issues 33 & 34 No 33 – December 2013 No 34 – April 2014

We’ve had a new committee since Sept 2015 Committee Staff We aim to interact with our old Boars boys to have fun and reunite as many familiar faces as we can. We still want to hear your feedback or suggestions about how we can help you and improve our support for you. Please contact media[at]oldburwoodianassociation.co.uk to tell us what you want from BIT and what type of reunions you want us to organise. We would love to hear from you!

September 2016 Bit Issues 31 & 32 No 31 – December 2012 No 32 – June 2013

September 2016 Bit Issues 31 & 32 No 31 – December 2012 No 32 – June 2013 Link: http://www.oldburwoodianassociation.co.uk/bit-newsletter Enjoy it

15th July 2015 – Videos: 17, 18, 19 Mr Dobbs and the tree Visiting Mr Cox The Boar Weekly Link: http://www.oldburwoodianassociation.co.uk/videos/videos-p6

I have just had very surprising information from the Surrey History Centre.  The government passed a new law 3 years ago which apparently makes school archives closed FOR 100 YEARS !  This is, it seems, because of privacy laws. So I am sorry to say that the new archive disc that I have nearly finished preparing cannot be sold. It does seem that people can go to the Centre to research the Archive, but I am not clear about how much can and cannot be seen. I have spoken with a man from the Centre and will go to see him for a long discussion (probably after Christmas) to get a clear picture of what is and is not allowed.  I suppose I can remove some items ( such as the Accession Register, it seems !!!) and the rest can probably be sold on a disc. This was a complete…

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