The final part, the photographs, is still not completed. There are, I think, between 2500 and 3000 photographs to process, date and name.

A disc was available at the Edinburgh Reunion with the ones I have completed so far, with names and dates wherever possible.

The whole project will be completed as soon as possible and I shall then make it known on this website, as well as providing the Surrey History Centre with the discs and relevant information.

In April, after the Boars in Touch has appeared, this Archive section will be showing very surprising information about Burwood Park School that I certainly did not know and which will NOT be what any of you (except one ) will be expecting !!

Another project in hand is the digitising of documents sent to me by Lord Boyd, dating from 1954 to 58. These were deposited with the Surrey History Centre but I have them back to scan and put on disc.

Again, I shall announce on this Archive section when I have completed this project.

Paul Davis has provided ALL his school reports – so the Archive has a complete set of school reports for one pupil.

Simon Fisher has provided all the documents (kept by his mother) relating to his care and education, from the time he was issued with his first hearing aid as a child to when he left Norfolk House. These are both letters and forms / documents.

The Burwood Archive in the Surrey History Centre must be one of the most complete school Archives in the public domain – and certainly of any school for the deaf, I imagine, and such contributions as Paul’s and Simon’s add fine detail to the overall picture.