Videos Part 3

8. 1971: Boat project

The school timetable was changed to include project work for the whole of Wednesday mornings, for one year..  This film, shot by Kerry Bromley, was a record of one of the projects done by Form One during that year.  The most successful boat, made by Martin Blake is seen sailing off into the sun:  alas, it was never recovered, as it got stuck in the weeds by the island on its maiden voyage.


9. 1972: Bantams at Burwood

Mr and Mrs Cox kept bantams at their home in Sussex.  Mr Cox introduced the activity of keeping bantams at school, starting with the design and building of the hen house and run.  Mr Brook, the craftwork teacher, is seen helping with the construction.  The cockerel did not last long at school, as there were soon complaints about his early morning crowing.  There is a sequence in the film showing bantams in the Cox’s garden.  I believe that the project ended when a dog belonging to a Burwood resident forced its way into the run.  “The Bantam Club was started by T.D. Cox in 1971 (I believe) along with the boys of 1969, Paul Wrighton, Stephen Gibson, Keith Excell, Michael Parkes, Simon Fisher, Gary Cooper, Michael Aston, and Peter Jones.   I can recall that Mr Wood was livid as he was rudely awakened by the cockcrow in early summer mornings (just as well that the boys in school didn’t hear a thing!)! The boys had to design a sliding door to keep the bantams in the dark. “  Roger Foreman


10. 1978-1979: Table Manners

The most popular film made, by far!!  Mr Sayer suggested that the boys could make a film to encourage good table manners, by showing the opposite…  The “script” was planned thoroughly beforehand and then the boys were left to get on with it, one Sunday.  The whole film was shot “in one sitting”.  Whether it improved table manners lies shrouded in History….