Videos Part 4

11. 1976: Mr Wood retires

Mr Wood retires in 1976.   The film was called “21” as it celebrated Mr Wood’s 21 years as Headmaster.  No one, except the boys making the film, knew that every sequence was shot at twice its proper length.  The one film was then cut up into pieces and spliced together to make TWO complete films.  The second one was given to Mr and Mrs Wood to keep, as was the glass robin shown in the film.


12. 1980: To France

Mr Sayer, Form 4 and Ian Sayer set off from school in the minibus well before dawn.  We had breakfast in a station car park as dawn broke and then went on to Dover by train, to catch the boat.  Ian Sayer is seen with some boys on the boat:  he is the young one.  We spent the day in Boulogne and all re-assembled at the restaurant shown in the film for an evening meal.  In the train back, plastic bags were clinking.  Clearly the contents were presents for the boys’ parents.


13. Scouts camping