Videos Part 6

17. Mr Dobbs and the tree

1970  This was originally included in the “Day in the Life of the School”.  When the film was finally complete Mr Wood saw it.  His only comment was, “Mr Dobbs and the tree must be removed!!!”  Mr Dobbs had not sought permission before removing the tree from the boys’ gardening area.  (This was not the only time Mr Dobbs caused displeasure by removing a tree….)


18. Visiting Mr Cox

A group of boys camped at Mr Cox’s house in Sussex.  One of the two girls is Mr Cox’s daughter.


19. The Boar Weekly

Glyn Sanders (Editor), Clive Boswell and David Jones at a Monday Editorial meeting, planning the next edition, in 1984/5.  You see a stencil being corrected, using Tippex, and printed on the electric duplicator.  Also John Mancini using the Adana press to print the headings.  Finally a year’s bound copy : now one set is in the Surrey History Centre in Woking and the BDHS has the other set.