Why join?

1. You will receive all “Boars In Touch” magazines – 2 a year
2. You will get news about those who were at Burwood/Norfolk with you.
3. Those who were at Burwood/Norfolk with you will read your news.
4. You will be eligible for tickets for the 2015 Grand Reunion (Bristol)
5. You will know when and where the Mini- Reunions will be held.
6. You will strengthen the OBA, so it can build into the future.
7. You can read about the Burwood Foundation, which has helped a number of OBs with educational projects.

The OBA Membership fee is £10 for 5 year.
The period for this membership will be from October 1st 2011 to September 30th 2016. For being part of our Association, the member will have the rights to receive the free copies of BiT regularly, and will be entitled to ask any general enquiry from the Association. As a non-member, you will not have any rights.

Please click here to download download the page, enter your details and print off. Mail the form with your payment to the Membership Secretary

Return to

Membership Secretary,
27 Mahon Close,

I enclose a cheque of £10.00 payable to ‘Old Burwoodian Association’ or ‘OBA’.

* When you subscribe it – we will contact you for payment details.

Thank you