Norfolk House

Norfolk House College was opened in 1973 for deaf students studying further education. 106 pupils from Burwood Park School attended Norfolk House to pursue further studies, but looking at the lists of members and non-members of Old Burwoodian Association (OBA) up to now I find that only 60 of them have joined our association.

Norfolk House also welcomed 116 students from other schools, both mainstream and deaf schools, not just Burwood. Only 17 of these old students have become OBA members. Where are other 99 old pupils of Norfolk House itself?

I understand that although the majority of pupils that joined Norfolk House from other schools may well be members of their old school associations i.e. Heathlands or Blanche Neville it would be an option for them to join either OBA or maybe a newly formed association specifically for Norfolk House.

Both Burwood Park School and Norfolk House College have their own logos, the ‘Boar’ and the ‘Clocktower’. Norfolk House College is part of “Boars in Touch” magazine. I suggest that any one of the 17 members from Norfolk House College start up their own newsletter for the BiT and join our committee as Norfolk House College representative. This would hopefully attract old pupils of Norfolk House College to become members of OBA.

If there were a significant number of new members joining from Norfolk House College, it might be worthwhile setting up a newly formed association, maybe called Old Norfolkian Association or another title. This newly formed association could then be affiliated with the OBA.

The old pupils of Norfolk House College regardless of whether they actually attended Burwood School could then join any dinners or any future events like the Grand Reunion.

I hope you like my suggestions and would welcome any comments you would like to make.

Ron J Gibbins