The Archive Disc

The Archive Disc

I have just had very surprising information from the Surrey History Centre.  The government passed a new law 3 years ago which apparently makes school archives closed FOR 100 YEARS !  This is, it seems, because of privacy laws.

So I am sorry to say that the new archive disc that I have nearly finished preparing cannot be sold.

It does seem that people can go to the Centre to research the Archive, but I am not clear about how much can and cannot be seen.

I have spoken with a man from the Centre and will go to see him for a long discussion (probably after Christmas) to get a clear picture of what is and is not allowed.  I suppose I can remove some items ( such as the Accession Register, it seems !!!) and the rest can probably be sold on a disc.

This was a complete surprise for me and I really cannot tell you much more until I have had the discussion.