Old Burwoodian Association

1955 – 1996 Secondary school in Walton-on-Thames

Burwood Park School was a secondary school in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, for deaf pupils, almost all of whom went into full-time employment and most of whom undertook further education. Later Norfolk House sixth form college was added.

Videos Part 2

4. 1958: Trip to Austria

Trip to Austria.  1957  The SEFVA heading says “Switzerland”  as Mr Sayer thought it was Switzerland when he deposited the films in the Archive.  “The party who went were Mr Wood, Malcolm Haywood, Stuart Lee, Andrew Lethbridge, Christopher Davies, Peter Weinman, Roy Forster; Michael Long; John Gibbins; Derek Pritchard, Graham Harding, Geoffrey Queen; Richard Joslin; Alan Cook and Nigel Robinson”  Derek Pritchard


5. Football

Mr Sayer, Football  I believe this was the first football match between BPS and the Mary Hare, in November 1955.


6.  1970: Day in the life of the school

was the first film made by the boys, in 1970, after the 8mm camera was presented to the school by the Parents Association.  The boys had been watching, in school, 8mm films made by their parents and Mr Sayer suggested that the boys should see if they could do better